Patient Education

For hearing aid questions, cleanings, checks or repairs, please call us: 406-752-1014

On/Off = battery door open, battery door closed
Reset settings = open and close battery door
Volume raise = right button/red hearing aid marking
Volume lower = left button/blue hearing aid marking
Volume changes = quick press
Program changes = press and hold for 2 seconds and let go


  1. Check for ear wax in the dome or earmold
  2. Change the battery
  3. Replace the wax filter
  4. Brush the microphone cover
  5. Dry out the hearing aid in a hearing aid humidifier kit

Do not leave your hearing aids or batteries out where pets or small children could take them and eat them.

Do not submerge your hearing aids in water.

Do not wear hearing aids when around hazardous noise levels.

Use hearing protection for loud noise such as firearms or power tools.

Don’t forget to see your Audiologist once a year to update your hearing test and hearing aid settings.

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