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Your professionalism was beyond reproach and I always felt that I was in the best of hands. As to the OPN hearing aids, they are absolutely stupendous. The clarity, sensitivity, responsiveness, comfort, everything about these aids is just great. I have ‘tested’ them in noisy restaurants, at concerts, on the phone, and in a variety of conversational settings and they give perfect reproduction every time. They allow me to hear my two daughters who have relatively high pitched voices and I don’t have to ask them to repeat everything. I also use them when I am playing the guitar and the music sounds true and natural to me. I love them. Yes, the OPNs are expensive, but they are undoubtedly worth every cent. I feel they are one of the best investments I have ever made.Craig McIntyre, Ph.D.
My 97 year old mother had a marked hearing loss over a period of weeks and came to Glacier ENT to see about an appointment and was given one for the following day to see Dr. Keele and audiology. Dr. Keele removed problematic ear wax and sent her to audiology; her hearing was retested and based on the results her hearing aids were reprogrammed. She had the aids both within two days and was a very happy lady. This was an outstanding service. Mother has disabilities which make it very hard for her to transport; the one day service made it easy for her.Steve Weber, M.D.
I just want you to know how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Your kindness touched my heart. You have always gone above and beyond to make sure I get the best hearing from my hearing aides, which have been very troublesome for me. You have my deepest gratitude. Thank you!Becky A.
I can’t say enough about the Ponto Plus and Streamer. I have only had it for five days and a whole world has opened up to me from hearing my family, or our chickens cluck, to plugging into my computer and listening to Connie’s story. I had one sided deafness since the age of 17. Now at 53 my “good” ear also developed a cholesteatoma and my awesome surgeon, Dr.Kyle Tubbs, did an implant in September of last year before removing the tumor in November. For three months I had the Ponto and it was a blessing. But now with the Ponto Plus and Streamer, the difference is amazing. There is less feedback, or what I refer to as the elk bugling. My hair doesn’t rustle against it and of course the best part is I can hear. After 36 years… Thank-you Oticon Medical for giving me the gift of hearing.Amy Mackey